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Oceanis Leap of Faith

At the heart of our journey lies "Leap of Faith": one sailing vessel of character and capability, a testament to the spirit of exploration. Currently harbored in Lavrio Port, Greece, she is a ship designed not just to withstand, but to embrace the majesty of the sea. From her sturdy hull to her billowing sails, every inch of "Leap of Faith" speaks of strength, resilience, and a readiness for adventure. On June 1st, she will embark on her mission, carrying the Stormo family across the azure waters of the Greek Islands and the historic Peloponisos. This is more than just a ship; it's the cornerstone of our voyage, a "leap of faith" into the vast and captivating world of the sea. Join us in celebrating the marvel that is "Leap of Faith"!


About us

Our ship, "Leap of Faith," is the beating heart of our journey, a steadfast companion to Alexia and Owen Stormo, and their energetic Portuguese Water Dog, Tessa. Moored in Lavrio Port, Greece, she awaits to carve a path through the crystalline waters of the Greek Islands and the historic Peloponisos, starting June 1st. Through this blog, experience the marvels of maritime life, feel the rhythm of the ship, and immerse in the undulating charm of the sea. With Oasis, it's more than just a voyage; it's about the ship that makes the journey possible. Welcome aboard!

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